Healing Space Massage
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The BioMat is an amethyst crystal heating pad that generates far infrared rays and negative ions. It has many healing benefits including pain and stress relief, increases circulation, decreases inflammation and promotes detoxification. I've been using my mats for personal and professional use for over 6 years now. Using the BioMat on a consistent basis helps relieve pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, neck and lower back pain, sciatica, and induces states of profound relaxation. As a massage therapist, I incorporate the BioMat into all of my bodywork sessions.

Here's more info on the biggest sellers, the BioMat professional and the mini-mat:

The Mini BioMat fits on a chair, recliner, or bed and warms up the core. It has both amethyst and tourmaline crystals. 

The Professional BioMat has 25 pounds of crushed amethyst and fits easily on a massage table, bed, or reclining chair. 

 I usually have professional Biomats and mini-mats in stock.

To purchase your biomat call Sue  970-484-2507, or e-mail:  sueball44@msn.com

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